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Oh my, this is embarassing. It seems you've stumbled upon a section of the site that isn't exactly ready for primetime yet. It's horribly outdated and not exactly the nicest on the eyes, however it should do until I have time to properly clean it up.

Mozilla's Stop SOPA Campaign

Fall 2011 | Idea, Programming, Design, Copy

The night before the first SOPA hearings, Mozilla decided we should do what we could to raise awareness. However, we couldn't find a good, concise place to link to. So, I designed and wrote copy for a "landing page", which was eventually replaced the main Mozilla site during the 24 hour blackout. The site has helped educate millions of people.

Mozilla Add-ons Site

Summer 2010 | Product Management, Programming, Design

The Mozilla Add-ons website serves over a billion requests a day. I started as a developer (and sometimes designer) on the site, and eventually became the product manager.


Spring 2011 | Programming, Design

Bugzilla is a bit like enterprise software — it does everything, but the UI is horrible. So, I created BugzillaJS, a Firefox add-on that addresses some major pain points in the software. It's currently used by over half of all Mozilla employees.

Interactive "What Are Add-ons?" Video

Summer 2011 | Programming

After seeing the "What Are Add-ons?" video, I wanted to do something cool with Mozilla's Popcorn.js. As the video plays, the site around it changes. For example, the page is translated when translation add-ons are mentioned, and the whole browser gets a background when Themes are mentioned. (Click "Learn More" to watch the video.)

Firefox Logo Quine

Winter 2012 | Programming, Design

Mozilla Webdev started looking for a new t-shirt design, and I decided to try to make a Firefox logo quine using HTML5. A quine is code that outputs itself. (This isn't a true quine since I cheated a lot, however the concept of it being self-reproducing stands.) We had t-shirts with the HTML5-y Firefox logo printed.


Fall 2011 | Programming, Design

Olive is the very first full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone. I designed the website and movie poster for it.

Offbeat Guides

Started Summer 2008 | Programming

Offbeat Guides was the first startup I worked at. It was a travel guide company with a twist — the high quality printed travel guides were completely customized for you, including your name on the cover and things like events and weather while you'd be there. I worked as the lead programmer for the website.

RIT Intersect

Programming, Design, Implementation

The RIT Intersect was a project I created while at RIT (independent of the university). Registering for classes is a quarterly nightmare for students, so I created the system to make it easier. The RIT Intersect lets you browse, sort, filter and search courses, as well as stores lists, keep track of your plans of study, and generate schedules.

GigaOM Network

Started Summer 2009 | Design, Implementation

One of the first things I did while at GigaOM was to redesign their corporate website. It was a bit outdated, and needed a refresh. I designed the site and implemented it in WordPress. This website has since been deprecated.

La Salle Institute Redesign [Prototype]

Started Summer 2009 | Design

I was unhappy with the quality of my high school's current website, so I created a redesign. Currently it's just a proposal, as the school is happy with the current version.

Offbeat Guides Redesign [Prototype]

Started January 2010 | Design

After working for Offbeat Guides for a number of years, I came up with my version of what I thought the front page should look like. I sketched it out on paper, and then turned it into a mockup. I wanted something more fun and colorful — after all, the company has offbeat in the name!

Please Call My Phone

Started February 2010 | Programming, Design, Implementation

Prior to having a smart phone, I kept misplacing my phone. And I really wanted to try out Twilio. So, Please Call My Phone was born.


Started Spring 2010 | Implementation

I co-founded RIT48, an event that aims to bring together students from various disciplines to pitch, plan, develop and launch a web startup in one weekend — or, as the name suggests, 48 hours. An intense, energy fueled, entrepreneurial event, RIT48 was designed to showcase the innovative and creative spirit of RIT students while offering the opportunity to learn and meet new people. Since its creation in 2010, I've been invited back to judge.

Six Degrees

Started Summer 2009 | Programming, Design

Based on Social Genius, sixdegrees was made for the RIT College of Business as a way for teachers to learn student's names. The software is currently in indefinite private beta, however it will eventually be released for anyone organizing a conference or teaching a course.

Election 2008 Issues

Started August 2008 | Programming, Design

This is a little tool I made before the 2008 presidential election, so you could pick a stance you most agree with on 20 issues, and find out candidate you most agree with. The content comes from CNN's "The Issues" section of their Election website.

Febuary 5 National Teach-In 2009

Started January 2009 | Design, Implementation

This is a website I made for RIT's participation in the February 5 National Teach-In. It's just a one page static HTML website, listing the events that would be occurring throughout the day.

RIT Quarters v Semesters Infograph

Started February 2010 | Design, Implementation

My university, Rochester Institute of Technology, created a controversy when they decided to switch from quarters to semesters. The email they sent describing the changes had a ton of information, and I felt it could benefit from visualizations.

Twitter Cheat Sheet [PDF]

Started January 2010 | Implementation

I was giving a talk at Home Care Rochester about Twitter use for senior citizens with Parkinson's Disease, and was unable to find a dead-simple cheat sheet for people new to Twitter. I knew most people in the audience wouldn't remember what I talked about, so I created a simple cheat sheet based on my presentation.

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Gregory Koberger :: The Blog

Started Summer 2009 | Design, Implementation

Note: Gone! The blog is now part of the main site. When I designed my site, I was looking to make a portfolio. I later decided I wanted to blog, as well, however I felt the site wasn't suitable for the type of blog I was looking to run. It was too graphics-intensive, so I created a simplified layout for my personal blog.

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iTaxi [Prototype]

Started Spring 2008

iTaxi is a prototype for a touch screen back-seat interface for a taxi. It was made for a class on Human Computer Interaction and usability, and went through numerous usability tests. Since it's a prototype, only about half the functionality works- just enough for the various usability tests we administered. The entire project involved 4 people, however I did the design and programming for this prototype.

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Mockup | Design Doc

Lab for Social Computing Website

Started January 2009 | Design, Implementation

I designed the Lab for Social Computing website, and implemented it using Drupal. A large number of websites at RIT are starting to use Drupal, so it only made sense to follow suit.

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Online Photo Editor (Proof of Concept)

Started Spring 2007 | Programming, Design

My favorite website projects involve a combination of backend and frontend programming. For this project, I decided to try to make an online image editor. I wrote this in about a weekend as a proof-of-concept, so it's far from full-featured. While online photo editors are pretty common these days, back when I started there weren't really any good ones.

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RIT Schedule Maker (v1)

Started Summer 2007 | Programming, Design

Currently, most of RIT uses John Resig's RIT Schedule Maker to create their schedules for the quarter. His is great, however I wanted to to see if I could improve on it. This is the prototype- which is cool to play with, but isn't any more useful than the original. It has been superceeded by my RIT Intersect project.

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SVG Kaleidoscope

Started Januery 2008 | Programming, Design

This is a kaleidoscope written using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics, used for the shapes), SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, used to animate the shapes), and Javascript (used for drawing and, when SMIL isn't available, for animating the shapes). While SVG was a bit of a pain, it's definitely going to catch on in the next few years. (Note: This was written a few years ago. Since then, it has stopped working in Firefox and only somewhat works in Chrome.)

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Started October 2004 | Programming, Design

I needed a place to store and display projects I've been working on- this site is more of a portfolio, so I decided to create a whole separate site. I went with Technospect (a play on the word "retrospect"), and try to add things to it every once in awhile. "Try" being the key word.

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Where I'm From

Started Winter 2007 | Programming, Design, Implementation

This was my final project for Website Design and Implementation with Elizabeth Lawley. The assignment was to make a five page website about a place you've lived. The concept behind my project is that you "zoom" in the further right you go. The experimental text wrapping probably isn't something I'd use in a real site, however I wanted to try new techniques.

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Movie Time Lookup

Started Winter 2007 | Programming, Design

No longer works due to API changes. Plus, smart phone apps do a much better job of this these days. I couldn't find an easy place to browse movie times, so I threw this together. It's made with Javascript (no framework!) and PHP, with AJAX tying it all together. The data is scraped from a website using PHP, and served to the browser using XML. It's cross-browser, and degrades very gracefully (it's still usable without javascript). All elements are created dynamically, and zips are stored in cookies.

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Website Design and Implementation Blog

Started Winter 2007 | Design, Implementation

During our 10 week class, we were expected to keep a Movable Type blog about the projects we worked on. I designed this blog, and posted detailed descriptions of the projects I worked on in the class, taught by Elizabeth Lawley. Not really much to see here, beside the layout and a few links to small projects I worked on for the class.

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