September 14, 2009

Blogging is Hard

There is a joke I have heard a few times, that says most blogs have only two posts— one introducing the blogger and hyping up the blog, and the second, a few months later, apologizing for not posting more often. At the risk of sounding cliché— this post is the latter.

After all, blogging is hard. It is a lot like working out— you can get as strong as you want, but a few days off is all it takes to start regressing. If you take a few months off, you can easily lose everything you worked for. That is a lot of pressure— knowing you need to post interesting commentaries consistently to avoid slipping into even more into obscurity. Very few bloggers manage to ever write an article with a shelf life longer than a carton of milk— so I really admire the bloggers who stick with it and post constantly.

Like most things, there is a lesson to be learned. Most of us do not have the stamina to churn out a steady stream of content. So when you start your next company or project, don't pick something that requires you— you will wear yourself out. Very few projects can remain untouched for years and still be relevant, however you should aim for doing something that can survive with no updates for a few months.

If your entire project relies on you to continuously being active, odds are you will not be able to keep up. And it will show. Much like this blog.

About Gregory Koberger

I'm a freelance developer and designer, formerly of Mozilla. I talk a lot about web development, technology and user experience — sometimes on my blog but mostly on Twitter.

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